Michelle & John || Cute Toronto Engagement Session

Michelle contacted me last year after seeing engagement photos I shot a few years ago. To be honest, that was my second engagement session so I was amazed that my old work left an impression on someone. 

Michelle and John have been doing long distance with John in Chicago and Michelle in Ottawa, but now they're finally together and will get married this August! The two have been amazing at communicating and sharing bits and pieces of their lives with me

We first met up at Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto to start. What a beautiful spot for photos. I'm not from Toronto, so I always thought this building was off limits. Then we headed towards Hart House and other University of Toronto spots. But before that, we stopped at this parking garage at Nathan Philips Square because the light was just PERFECT. 

Engagement shoots are a perfect time to get to know each other and build trust. I recommend to couples getting ready for their shoot to not worry too much about the actual photos, but to have fun and enjoy the time with your partner but also with the photographer. 


Danielle & Ben | Perfect Day at Our Lady of Sorrows and Piper's Heath

Danielle & Ben couldn't have gotten a better day for their wedding. The day before it poured and the day after it poured, but for them the clouds held back and allowed them to enjoy it without any trouble.

I met Danielle a year ago through my sister's friend whom I had only met once. We got introduced via e-mail, met at a Starbucks and hit it off right away. We all went to the same university but at different times and we found ourselves talking about so many different things. What I loved most was how honest they both were with photography but also with their lives. Their engagement was such a super sweet and private one that I knew I wanted to work these two.

Both Danielle & Ben gave me the boost I needed at a point in my career where I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep doing weddings. But from our emails and hanging out at the engagement shoot to all the perfectly laid out schedules and strong communication, I always felt deeply connected to them.

It was such an honour to celebrate with them. As soon as I got to Danielle's house I noticed the girls were already crying. Private letters were shared with Danielle from each of her bridesmaids and I could tell she was deeply loved. 

We started the day off with a beautiful mass at the Our Lady of Sorrows in Etobicoke. After we headed to Piper's Heath Golf Club in Milton to hang out and celebrate.

I am so excited to share with you their beautiful story. And I know this isn't the last of Danielle & Ben. We've forged a beautiful friendship and I look forward to documenting other milestones and key moments in their lives.

Thank you Maureen Im Photography for helping me through out the day


Ceremony : Our Lady of Sorrows
Reception: Piper's Heath Golf Club 
Hair: Looks by Lola
Makeup: Deanne Holmes
Flowers: The Monarch Florists
Bridesmaids Dresses: Mendocino

Erin & Cody | Beautiful Stratford Wedding | April 22, 2017

Erin & Cody held their wedding at the beautiful Stratford Country Club in Stratford, Ontario. The whole day was full of so much love not just between these two but also with all their friends and family.

Erin and I actually met when we were in grade 5 in Waterloo. After a not-so-happy incident as the new kid at my new school, Erin and some other girls reached out to me and welcomed me into their circle of friends. She was always full of fun ideas and we never had a boring time with Erin.

As kids we would dance to Savage Garden, Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys. We played barbies and Erin even taught me how to dive properly into a swimming pool. So naturally I was elated when she asked me last year to be her wedding photographer. I was at a point where I wasn't sure if I really wanted to pursue weddings, but she gave me the boost I needed to keep going. 

Brides and grooms really have to put a lot of trust into their photographer, and though I was still growing as a photographer, Erin & Cody both trusted me with their photos. They're now about to have a baby very soon and I'm so excited for them.

These two are totally in love and it was so evident throughout the day. From the first look to their first dance, there were tears from both Cody & Erin. Despite being pregnant, Erin was in high spirits the whole day. Her positivity made the whole day really smooth and I knew everyone around them felt it.

So honoured I got to be part of their day!

Stratford Ontario Wedding01.JPG
Stratford Ontario Wedding12.JPG

Hair & Make up: AlyCat Makeup & Hair
Flowers: The Flower Shop and More
Ceremony & Reception: Stratford Country Club

The Lovegoods || Kitchener-Waterloo Band Photoshoot

What's fun about being a photographer is there are unlimited options on what you could take photos of. Though I have training in photojournalism and have slowly been developing my work as a photojournalist, I like to step outside of that and try new things.

My friend Elsa, who is a talented Kitchener-Waterloo musician, started a wizard rock band. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll know what I'm talking about. The first wizard rock band was Harry and the Potters and I used to listen to them all the time.

Elsa, along with her husband Graeme and their friend Graham, started The Lovegoods.
I suggested doing some band photos and Elsa was so on board. She came up with some of the ideas and then we just played around in her neighbourhood and downtown Kitchener to get some fun shots.

I loved this because there were no limitations to what we could shoot and how I could capture their personalities as a band.

Here are a few and go check out their music!