First Maternity Shoot

I've always been a bit nervous about shooting maternity photos. I know they're really important and special but since I've never been pregnant I feel a bit disconnected. 

But I knew I had to do some photos for my life-long friend Ara. My first engagement shoot was with her and Sam. Then she asked me to shoot her wedding and now I just did my first maternity shoot with her. After tonight I discovered how fun it is to take photos of someone during this life stage.

Friendships can be hard to retain over the years, but Ara is someone that is very dear to me despite all the time and distance that has been between us. I first met Ara when we were both 12 years old in grade 7. We instantly became friends because we had the same birthday. Even though she's a 20 minute drive away, we strangely only meet up once a year. But it's ok because we're secure in our friendship and that is something to be valued. It's pretty amazing seeing where she is now - married, independent business owner, homeowner, and soon-to-be mom! 

Here is a sneak peak to some of the photos from tonight

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