Kat & Geoff Engagement Sneak Peak

Kat & Geoff will be getting married next fall but we took advantage of the summer to take their engagement photos.

When I was in university I decided to do a 5th year which meant most of my friends had graduated and left the city. My sister had just started university and joined a Chinese Christian club. I was a bit hesitant since I'm not Chinese, but went to support her anyway. Geoff was one of my first friends I made in that club and one of the few I still keep in touch with. As you grow older, go through different seasons of your life, live abroad and embark on new career paths, it's so difficult to keep in touch and maintain a friendship. I'm super thankful for the friendship I have with Geoff and the new friendship developing with Kat.

On top of being really cute together, they know how to have fun with each other. This made the session all the more fun. 

Here are a few I really liked from today's session. More to come later!

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