Couple Sessions in Waterloo and Pennsylvania

annnnnd I'm back!

In the months of February, March and April I wasn't really shooting any weddings. I helped out a few local photographers (shoutout to Anne Edgar Photography and Jen Linfield Photography) but none of my own. So that meant I could either sit around and scroll on my phone all day, or just start asking people if they want their photos taken. 

My sister Clara and her husband John never got official engagement photos. We kept saying we would do them, but they were in a long distance relationship which made it hard for timing. So because this past February was abnormally warm, we went out one late afternoon to Columbia Lake and did an post wedding photos. It's never too late to get photos of you and your partner!

So even early this month, while visiting my fiance in Pennsylvania, I hung out with a few of his co-workers and took photos of them. Both couples have been married now for a few years and never had professional photos done. It was so fun to just do it without the pressure of "THESE ARE FOR OUR WEDDING INVITATIONS SO THEY BETTER BE GOOD". Instead, it was just us hanging out in cute places like Bellefonte, Pennysylvania, and Canoe Creek State Park, Pennsylvania. I like the challenge of shooting in a new place, playing with the landscape and the light.

Less of me rambling so we can take a look at these beautiful people.