Documentary Family Sessions

Life is busy. I get it. And it gets even busier when you've got little ones to take care of. And that might mean sometimes missing out on the small moments of your children growing up. These sessions are designed to let your family simply be. You can put down your phone or camera for a bit, and be present with your family and bask in the love and beauty of your family.

Documentary family photography  uniquely caters to the essence of your family.  This is your family's visual diary of the beautiful chaos that most people may not see. No two sessions will look alike. I don't intrude or entertain anyone to get them to laugh fake laughs. But I love getting to know each person in the family and will want to chat and listen to your story.



Each session will be uniquely designed to accommodate your family. I want to document the personalities of each person in the family. Nothing is contrived. We welcome the spontaneous and the unplanned moments of the day. Below are a few options, but I'm open to hearing what your needs are and what would work for you.

LET'S MEET UP  - $350*
- 30 minute video chat or phone call to talk about what you'd like to do
- 2 hours of documentation
- online gallery of 30 high res images

- 30 minute video chat or phone call to talk about what you'd like to do
- 3-4 hours of documentation
- online gallery of high-res images of up to 100 images
- 7x7 hardcover album

- 30 minute video chat or phone call to talk about what you'd like to do
- up to 6 hours of documentation
- online gallery of high-res images of up to 200 images
-  7x7 hardcover album

*Options available to buy prints or albums
**great for family reunion, cousins playdate  or day trips



Q: What does documentary family photography mean? How is it different from other family sessions?
A: I'm a trained photojournalist with 5 years of experience in the newspaper and magazine field. Photojournalism is at the core of my work. I have years of experience of wandering into a stranger's house, handling their story and lives with the tenderness it deserves. This is what I will bring to your family. My goal with documentary family photography sessions is to photograph the truth and the spirit of what I see. We are preserving bits of your family's history with these photos.
Let's embrace imperfection, messy faces, missing teeth and the highs and the lows of  what a family is all about. It's vulnerable, but it's also beautiful. The best part of this is we won't waste time coaxing your kids to smile. If they don't want to, that's ok. If they're shy, we let that be.  I don't want to make anyone feel like they have to look a certain way, but rather partner with your family in owning your story. I become part of the family for the day! 

Q: When is the best time to take photos?
A: With young kids, mornings are usually the best. The earlier the better. Afternoons work as well, as the kids are winding down and playing or doing homework. Because nothing is staged (no backdrops, no props, they can wear their PJS if they want) we'll do these photos rain or shine!

Q: What should we do for the session?
A: Anything you'd like! Whether it's making breakfast, the kids brushing their teeth, playing with the dog or just sitting around and reading it'll all work. We want to capture the real moments. We can go for a walk, we can play in the backyard or even go shopping at Target!

Q: How should we prepare? 
A: Other than picking an activity or two for the few hours, there isn't much need for preparation. And that's the beauty of these sessions.  All you have to do is be yourselves and we're good to go. The best part will be looking back  and seeing moments you may have missed.

Q: What can I do with the images?
A: You can print them and share them on social media! They are for you to use and to treasure.

Q: We really want to hire you but we live far. Will you travel?
A: Of course! We can talk details on what that would look like but I'd love to travel and hangout with you and your family

What is your family's unique story? I'd love for you to share it with me.
Head over to my contact page and let's start talking!