HOw do you describe your approach to photography?

I have my training in photojournalism, so I try my best not to interfere. I want things to unfold as they are. There will be minimal posing and guidance, but I want to catch the moments that happen during the day. There will be things you will miss but I want to make sure I capture those for you. I believe in genuine and honest moments as it reflects the nature of a marriage.

I have a pinterest list of images. Will you photograph that?

I avoid looking to Pinterest as a way to come up with ideas. I like to see what your wedding party is like and capture how you interact with one another. I want your photos to be uniquely yours. No imitation and nothing fake. Let your day reflect who you two are.


What is your turnaround Time?

I aim to deliver your images through an online gallery within 5-7 weeks. Images are all high res and you can share this gallery with your family and friends.

Should we get a second photographer?

I highly recommend having a second photographer. I work with 2-3 different local photographers who are highly-skilled and understand my vision. They will be able to get different angles and cover different spots that I cannot. You will receive more photos than you would with one photographer.

Do you offer prints and albums?

Yes! Though you are totally free to print and make your own albums, I can also take that hassle off your hands and make sure the highest quality prints and albums get delivered straight to your house. I highly encourage you to print your photos! This is what gets passed down to families, grandparents love having these on the walls and they are always great mementos to have.

What should our wedding day schedule look like?

I’m totally willing to help you out with your schedule. I’ve photographed enough weddings to know that we need at least 2-3 hours for family, wedding party and couple photos. I can help plan when we will have the best light for your day.